Leaving your current provider and joining Umbrella Company UK is simple!

Are you thinking of joining an umbrella company or switching from your current payroll provider? The registration process is simple and you can be signed up in minutes!


Compare different umbrella companies

It is a good idea to know which umbrella company you want to use before informing your current provider of your intentions to leave.

Remember – the only differentiating factor between compliant umbrella companies is their weekly/monthly margin and any additional extras they include, such as insurances.

Notify your current umbrella company of your desire to leave

Notify your current umbrella company of your intentions to leave.

Please be aware that if you have committed to their leaving period, you may need to wait until this is complete before you can switch.

Umbrella Company UK does not have a tie-in or leaving period so you can use us for as long as you like and for as many contracts as you like.

Register with your new umbrella company

You can now register for your new umbrella company over the phone or via their website. If you would like to use Umbrella Company UK one of our expert consultants will be happy to sign you up and provide you with more information about our service.

Simply give us a call on 01707 669023 or fill out the short form on this page and someone will be in touch.

If you register with Umbrella Company UK, a member of our umbrella team will also contact your recruitment agency to inform them that you would like to switch.

You can now start contracting through your new umbrella company

Once the registration process is complete you can start contracting through Umbrella Company UK. All we require from you is that you upload your timesheets to the Umbrella Company UK online portal or app each week/month.

Switching is Easy!

Ready to switch to Umbrella Company UK? Please complete the short form below or call us on 01707 669023.

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