There are four versions of the Umbrella Company UK mobile app – standard umbrella, Drivers and Joint Employment. Navigate to our Download page to select the app you wish to download for your payroll. If you have any questions or need help, visit our Support page.

How It Works

Umbrella Company UK’s state-of-the-art app allows you to manage and view payments, view payslips, manage contracts, log hours worked and view/upload assignment documents or contracts. The app is fully compatible with Apple and Android devices, and you can also log in via a secure web browser.

You can choose to use fingerprint, face or touch recognition to access your personal portal. There is also the option to add an additional layer of protection with a password or pin code to guarantee privacy and secure data protection.

Personal profile and document storage

Your unique personal profile area allows you to store important documents such as P45s/P60s, contracts and assignment documents and insurance policies.

Never forget to submit a timesheet again

You can opt in to push notifications, text alerts and emails to remind you to log your hours worked, quickly submit your timesheets, sign a contract or view your payment.

Track the progress of your timesheets

Our useful colour-coded ‘traffic light’ system allows you to see the status of your timesheet. When you submit a timesheet, it becomes orange signalling a further action is required by your recruitment agency, end-client or Umbrella Company UK. Once your timesheet has been approved the colour will turn to green and no further action is required. If the status turns red it means your timesheet submission has been rejected – you will be given a reason as to why it has been rejected and this will indicate what further action is required.

Real-time payment confirmation and payslip access

As soon as we have made a payment into your bank account you will receive a push notification, text message or email to show you have been paid (depending on your contact preferences). When you have been paid you will be able to access your payslip via the app.

Log your availability for work and any periods of leave

You can log your availability for work, periods of sick leave and holiday requests via the app. Your holiday pay and statutory sick pay entitlements based on your professional data will also be stored in the app.

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