Umbrella Company Payroll Services

Umbrella Company UK offers a compliant, hassle-free payroll processing service for contractors and freelancers in the UK. Our expert team will support you throughout your contracting journey with us, from initial sign-up through to your contract end.

The sign-up process is very straightforward and there is no joining or leaving fees when you choose us as your provider. When you sign up with Umbrella Company UK you will become an employee of ours and we will pay your salary via PAYE (Pay As You Earn). You will receive a payslip like a permanent employee and all the relevant deductions will be listed.

Your administrative requirements are minimal and once you’ve registered with us, you will only need to send us your signed timesheets.

Using an umbrella company is a simple way to kick start your contracting career or provide you with a hands-off approach to contracting. We will take care of the majority of the administration so you have more time to focus on contracting.

Benefits of Using Umbrella Company UK

  • Quick set up – this can be done in minutes over the phone!
  • No tie in period, joining or leaving fees
  • Minimal ongoing administration – simply send us your signed timesheets
  • Employee Benefits similar to permanent employees, including Sick Pay and Maternity/Paternity Pay
  • Access to My Digital – innovative software that allows you to easily submit the hours you’ve worked and view payslips.
  • Your own dedicated Account Manager and umbrella account team who will provide unlimited support via phone and email
  • Full insurance cover with £10 million Public Liability Insurance, £10 million Employers’ Liability Insurance and £5 million Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • A compliant payroll service – all tax and National Insurance Contributions will be deducted and paid to HMRC before you receive your payment. Umbrella Company UK is proudly accredited by the FCSA.

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How Does An Umbrella Company Work?

Using an umbrella company for your payroll is very straightforward. Once you’ve registered for our umbrella service, the process of getting forward is simple:

  1. Complete your timesheets and send them to your agency: to reflect the hours you worked as a contractor, complete your timesheets for the required period and send them to your recruitment agency for sign off.
  2. Send your timesheets to Umbrella Company UK: once your agency has signed off on your timesheets, send them to Umbrella Company UK.
  3. We’ll invoice your agency – and they will pay us: when we have all the required information, we’ll invoice your agency for your wages. The agency will then send us the funds for payroll processing.
  4. We’ll process your payroll: our payroll team handles all the required tax, NI and Apprenticeship Levy deductions on your behalf in-line with HMRC regulations.
  5. You get paid: once your payroll is processed, we pay you to your personal account. We’ll send off all tax and NI deductions to HMRC on your behalf.

Want more information on how an umbrella company works? Contact us on 01707 669023.

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