06/04/2022 – 05/04/2023


Mean Gender Pay Gap

Female to Male Ratio is 82.5:100

Women earn 83p, or 82.5p, for every £1 men earn when comparing mean hourly wages.


Median Gender Pay Gap

Female to Male Ratio is 89.2:100.

Women earn 89p, or 89.2p, for every £1 men earn when comparing median hourly wages.


Proportion of Women in each Pay Quartile

Quartile Male Female
Upper 73.85% 26.15%
Upper Middle 49.23% 50.77%
Lower Middle 54.55% 45.45%
Lower 60.00% 40.00%


Women occupy 26.15% of the highest paid jobs and 40.00% of the lowest-paid jobs.


Umbrella Company UK

Umbrella Company UK employs UK contractors and we are required to include their details within our Gender Pay Gap Reporting.

As you will see from the figures we employ more females than males, which is surprising as the contracting market has always been heavily male-dominated.

As most contractors source their own work or go through a recruitment agency, Umbrella Company UK has little involvement in the rates that are agreed prior to commencing their employment with us.

The statement confirms that the published information is accurate at the time of publishing.

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