Please read the information on this page carefully.

To complete the registration process with Umbrella Company UK, we require some documentation from you. Please read the information below and then complete the short form on this page.

We can only accept photographs and scanned versions of your documents. Photocopies are not acceptable. You must ensure the documents you send us are easy to read. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see examples of documents we can and cannot accept.

If you have any questions, please email or call 01707 669043.

Proof of your identity

To prove your identity, we will require photographs or scanned copies of one of the following:

  • Passport
  • Residence Permit
  • Birth Certificate (British Long Version)

Please note: If a document is double-sided, we require both the front and the back. 

Right to Work (RTW)

If you are not a UK national, we will require proof of your Right to Work in the UK. We can accept:

  • EU/ EEA Passport – after the 30th June 2021 we can’t accept a EU/EEA passport without a Settled Status
  • Settled Status 9 Digit Share Code, for example: A12 345 67G
  • Non-UK Passport and Biometric Residence Permit

More information about Right to Work documentation is available here.

P45 or Starter Checklist

To ensure we use the correct tax code for your payroll, you need to upload a P45 document using the form below. If you don’t have a P45 – don’t worry. Firstly, please complete the form below and upload proof of identity and Right to Work . Then, you’ll will be re-directed to the Starter Checklist which you will need to complete (also available here).

Upload Documents Form

To upload documents to Umbrella Company UK, please complete the following form.


The following examples are of documents that we can and cannot accept as proof of Right to Work in the UK.

Residence Permit

If you are providing us with your Residence Permit – we require a clear photograph or scanned version of both the front and the back. The example above is what we require. Make sure when you send us your Residence Permit that we can see all 4 corners of both the front and the back.

We cannot accept versions of your Residence Permit if they look like the above examples. The example on the left is not acceptable because it does not show the 4 corners of the permit. The example on the right is not acceptable because it doesn’t show us the 4 corners of the back of the permit, and it is burry (poor quality).


Here are 2 examples of passports. The example on the left is perfect because we can see the 4 corners of the identification page, and the information is easy to read (the file is high quality). The example on the right is a bad example and cannot be accepted by Umbrella Company UK. We cannot see each of the 4 corners of the passport identification page.