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Umbrella company meaning

An umbrella company is a business that provides payroll services for contractors and freelancers. Typically used by agency workers, umbrella companies are frequently the preferred payroll solution for agencies and organisations engaging with temporary workers. Why? Because it allows them to outsource their payroll, and the associated administration.

To put it simply, the meaning of an umbrella company (umbrella company meaning) is a PAYE payroll service provider that takes care of payroll for agencies and organisations that engage with temporary workers (contractors and freelancers). It really is as simple as that. But, how do umbrella companies work?

How does an umbrella company work?

If a temporary worker is required to use an umbrella company, they will need to choose a provider that is compliant and will pay them in accordance with HMRC rules and regulations.

Once a suitable umbrella company is identified, the worker will need to register. This won’t take long, but they will be required to provide important information including their address, date of birth, their assignment information, who they’re working through, as well as provide proof of ID and their right to work in the UK.

Once the worker has registered, the umbrella will enter into an overarching contract with the workers recruitment agency, or direct with their client. The worker will be required to carry out their work as agreed in their contract. However, when they submit timesheets, they must also send them to their umbrella company because they will be responsible for processing their pay (PAYE).

When work has been complete, the agency or client will send the workers funds to the umbrella company (gross). The umbrella company will then make the appropriate and legal deductions, including income tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs). The umbrella will also deduct their margin – a small amount that is taken to cover their business costs (administration, staffing, etc.). The worker will be paid in a very similar way to an employee in a permanent role – PAYE.

Once the worker’s pay is processed, they will be sent a payslip that clearly shows all of the deductions that have been made. For a more detailed explanation of the processes involved in umbrella payroll, please visit our page: How does an umbrella company work?

Benefits of using an umbrella company

Umbrella companies exist to provide a payroll service for temporary workers. While the processes involved are fairly straightforward, there are also some added benefits for umbrella clients. However, these benefits will vary from umbrella to umbrella – so do your research before settling for one.

Umbrella Company UK offers a host of benefits to our clients, and here are just a few:

  • Free insurance – £25 million cover is included in our margin at no extra cost.
  • State-of-the-art-app – Unlike other umbrellas, we are able to offer our employees access to a state of the art app. Having partnered with My Digital, you can upload hours worked and view payslips in seconds! The app is downloadable on the Apple App Store and Google Play. If you’d rather login traditionally using a web browser – this is no problem at all. Login information will be issued upon sign up.
  • Employee Benefits – including Statutory Sick Pay.
  • Same Day Faster Payments – meaning there will be no delay in the allocation of pay.
  • Compliance – Umbrella Company UK is a member of the FCSA. As the UK’s leading professional body, the FCSA is the stamp of approval our clients need to know they’re in the safest hands.

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Umbrella Company UK

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