Umbrella Company UK is a leading UK based umbrella company located on the outskirts of London in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. With our assistance, getting paid as a contractor is remarkably easy and straightforward. Keep reading to find out just how easy it is to get paid with us and what benefits would be available to you as a Umbrella Company UK client.


The easiest way to get paid

There is often a misconception that umbrella companies are confusing and complex arrangements. This is far from the truth. When you register with an umbrella company, you technically become an employee of theirs. You will receive PAYE and your tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) are deducted from your salary just like they would be for a traditional permanent employee. All you need to do is submit your signed timesheet to your end client and send a copy to the umbrella company. You will then be paid, minus tax, NICs and a few other deductions (including a small margin for using the umbrella service). That’s it – it’s easy!


Loads of perks

Some umbrella companies will provide you with their payroll service – and nothing else. Umbrella Company UK, on the other hand, provides its clients with a host of perks as a thank you for choosing us! These perks include:

  • £ 10 million Employers Liability Insurance
  • £10 million Public Liability Insurance
  • £5 million Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Employee Benefits including Sick, Holiday and Maternity Pay
  • Minimal administration
  • Excellent account management
  • Full compliance with HMRC – we have never offered a tax avoidance scheme and we never will. We can’t offer you 90% take home pay like the tax avoidance schemes out there, but we can ensure you’re paid compliantly and won’t face an investigation from HMRC in the future.
  • There are plenty more benefits available to Umbrella Company UK clients.
  • Exciting referral rewards if you pass on our details to your friends, family and colleagues.
  • Ongoing support from a professional – if at a later date you decide you want to leave Umbrella Company UK and start a limited company, we can help you throughout the process.



Absolutely zero hidden costs

You will only pay Umbrella Company UK’s small margin when you are actually using our payroll service. There are no joining fees, no leaving fees and no tie-in period.


Contact the professionals

Whether you’re based in London or anywhere in the UK – signing up with Umbrella Company UK is easy and we can have you registered and ready to go in minutes! Please call our friendly team on 01707 669023 or complete the short contact form on this page.

If you’re unsure whether or not you should use an umbrella company, please get in contact and we’ll be happy to discuss your circumstances and to offer some impartial advice.

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