The negative press is wrong!

Before you carry on reading, please understand one thing – umbrella companies can make your life so much easier, providing they are compliant and operate in accordance to HMRC legislation. 

You probably have read some negative press towards teachers working through an umbrella company. For example, some teachers have recently found themselves on high rate emergency tax amongst plenty of other financial errors from dodgy umbrella companies. However, despite controversial opinions this is a legitimate and efficient way to operate as a teacher, providing the umbrella company is compliant and does not mess you around or pay you against HMRC regulations. Umbrella Company UK is HMRC compliant, reliable and is a popular option for supply teachers. Keep reading to find out more.


Benefits of using an umbrella company as a supply teacher:

Typically, an umbrella arrangement for a teacher would involve four parties: a teacher, a school, an umbrella company and an agency. Do not be mistaken – as a teacher you are an employee of the umbrella company, not the agency!

As a teacher, the bad press can seem daunting. However, providing you choose a legitimate and compliant provider (such as Umbrella Company UK), you will only experience positives rather than negatives.

  • It is the easiest and most hassle-free way to operate as a contractor.
  • Minimal administration – you are only required to submit your timesheets. The rest will be sorted for you, saving you time dealing with HMRC.
  • It is a simple sign up process which can be completed the same day within a couple hours.
  • It’s an ideal option for contractors who are on short-term contracts (under 3 months), are new to contracting or are unsure how long they will be contracting for; there is no tie-in period and leaving your umbrella company is simple if you wish to do so.
  • There are no unpleasant surprises as there are no hidden joining or leaving fees.
  • You are still entitled to employee benefits such as Statutory Sick Pay, Annual Leave, Maternity Pay and Paternity Pay.
  • Insurances are inclusive: Umbrella Company UK provides £10 million Employers Liability Insurance, £10 million Public Liability Insurance and £5 million Professional Indemnity Insurance. This can be tailored for you if you require a higher level of insurance.


Why should supply teachers use Umbrella Company UK?

If you are considering working through an umbrella company, the best way to avoid a scam or disappointment is to ask your chosen provider to give you a detailed illustration. This should clearly show the deductions that will be made to your pay include income tax, National Insurance and the umbrella company’s margin.

Here at Umbrella Company UK, we will happily supply you with a full illustration of your take home pay, providing you with impartial and reliable advice. If you decide to use Umbrella Company UK, you will be in safe, reliable and compliant hands.

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