Choosing the right umbrella company for nurses is vital to operate smoothly as a medical professional. Setting up with Umbrella Company UK couldn’t be easier. The registration is quick and you can be ready to get paid the same day.

Through Umbrella Company UK, payroll is processed on the same day it’s received by your agency or end-client – which means you get paid faster. The best part – you get peace of mind. All income tax and National Insurance deductions are paid directly to HMRC – you won’t be receiving an unexpected tax bill if you use Umbrella Company UK.

Demand for trained nurses in the UK has risen significantly over the years, along with the number of people in the UK aged 80 or over. In fact this number has almost doubled from 7.9% to 13% from 2012 to 2017 due to the aging population. The need for nurses is at a critical level, and the NHS is constantly faced with great pressures to source and pay skilled nurses.

To add to the pressure, the Government has clamped down on how nurses get paid, making it no longer beneficial to operate through a limited company. As the Government were missing out on receiving National Insurance Contributions and income tax due to medical professionals using limited companies, public sector reform has aimed to recoup this. Now when a nurse takes a role in the public sector as an off-payroll worker, the NHS body or end-client has to determine their IR35 status (i.e. inside or outside IR35). Therefore, rather than take the risk of being investigated and fined by HMRC, it is now the norm for public sector nurses to operate through an umbrella company.


The benefits of using an umbrella company for nurses include:

  • It is the easiest and most hassle-free way to operate as a nurse in the public sector.
  • Minimal administration – you are only required to submit your timesheets. You’re on a busy schedule, so the umbrella company will sort all your tax and National Insurance for you just like an employer.
  • Umbrella companies are simple to sign up to, and the entire process can be completed the same day, within a couple hours.
  • An umbrella company for nurses is ideal for those who are on short-term contracts (i.e. locums or those on contracts under 3 months). It also works for those who are new to contracting or are unsure how long they will be contracting for.
  • There are no unpleasant surprises – with Umbrella Company UK, there is no tie-in period and no joining or leaving fees.
  • Even though you will not be on the payroll of your end-client, you are still entitled to statutory employee benefits such as Sick Pay, Maternity Pay and Paternity Pay.
  • Insurances are inclusive: Umbrella Company UK provides £10 million Employers Liability Insurance, £10 million Public Liability Insurance and £5 million Professional Indemnity Insurance. This can be tailored for you if you require higher coverage.


Why should nurses use Umbrella Company UK?

If you are considering working through an umbrella company for nurses then the best way to decide on a payroll provider and avoid disappointment is to ask for a detailed take home pay illustration. This should clearly show the deductions that will be made to your pay including income tax, NI and the umbrella company’ margin. All umbrella companies should produce similar calculations (depending on their margin), so if you come across a company that offers a take home pay that’s a lot higher than the rest, something is not right.

The illustration should can include a comparison between varying rates of pay from your agency – because we understand this can change. Factors that may also affect your final salary are deductions such as sick pay, pensions and childcare vouchers dependent on your specific circumstances.

Altogether this should give you a strong indication whether an umbrella company is the best option for you, allowing you to make an informed decision.

For a free take-home pay calculation speak to our experts at Umbrella Company UK today. We can provide you with a full take home pay illustration, helping you to understand how an umbrella company works. For more information contact us using the form on this page, give us a call on 01707 669023 or request a take home pay calculation.

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