Are you looking for a low cost umbrella company? You’ve come to the right place. Not only does our margin provide you with amazing value for money, but we offer one of the most innovative and compliant umbrella payroll services on the market!

Keep reading and find out why Umbrella Company UK is the low cost umbrella company you should trust to process your payroll.

Umbrella Company App

Umbrella Company UK has partnered with My Digital – leading providers of umbrella software. The My Digital portal is accessible online and via a free mobile app.

Once you have registered with us, you’ll be sent your own login details. Then, you can submit your hours worked and view your payslips – all while on the go!

There are not many umbrellas with an associated app, but we’re proud to offer this ‘extra’ service to all of our clients. Oh, and you can also access the app via any standard web browser!

Having an app reduces the amount of administration you would be responsible for compared to a traditional provider. We are doing what we can to make the umbrella experience as efficient as possible for our clients.

Low Cost Umbrella Company

Our margin is fantastic value. Please contact us today by using the form on this page, and we’ll be able to offer you the very best deal we have available! Alternatively, you can request a free and quick take home pay projection by clicking here, or call us directly on 01707 669023.

FCSA Accreditation

Please be warned – there are unfortunately several umbrella companies that are advertising themselves as both a low cost umbrella company, and a payroll provider (PAYE) that can help you retain more of your money. The chances are – they’re a tax avoidance scheme.

Engaging with a tax avoidance scheme could have devasting consequences for you – even well into the future (because HMRC are retrospectively punishing temporary workers who have historically engaged with them).

Umbrella Company UK is proudly accredited by the FCSA – the UK’s leading professional body. The FCSA is committed to ensuring the supply chain of temporary workers is both ethical and entirely compliant with HMRC rules and regulations. We’re delighted to be a member because there is no better way to showcase our commitment to compliance. When you use our service – you are truly in the safest hands.

Free Insurance Cover

Every Umbrella Company UK client is protected with free £25 million insurance cover. This is made up of £10 million Employers Liability, £10 million Public Liability and £5 million Professional Indemnity Insurance. If you need additional insurance – contact us. We would be happy to help you get the cover you need and we’re partnered with a leading contractor insurance company.

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Interested in finding out more about our low cost umbrella company? Please complete the short on this page of give us a call on 01707 669023. Our company is growing quickly and we’re already helping hundreds of contractors get paid compliantly and on time.

We cannot reiterate just how important it is that you choose an FCSA accredited umbrella company for your PAYE payroll. HMRC are always looking to punish tax avoiders and as a result, choosing Umbrella Company UK is a great decision if you want peace of mind.

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