Churchill Knight Umbrella Referral Promotion - Terms and Conditions

1. The ‘Referrer’ is defined as the individual who refers a client to UmbrellaCo UK Ltd (trading as ‘Umbrella Company UK’)
2. The ‘Referee’ is the individual who has been recommended to Umbrella Company UK by the Referrer and has signed up to Umbrella Company UK’s umbrella payroll service
3. A ‘Qualifying Referee’ is one that has either paid 4 weeks’ margin to Umbrella Company UK.

The Reward
4. The ‘Reward’ for referring to Umbrella Company UK is a two week margin payback (reimbursement) for both the Referrer and the Referee upon meeting the Eligibility requirements. If the Referrer is not an employee of Umbrella Company UK, the reward is a £25 Love to Shop voucher.
5. Should the Referrer recommend a contractor to Umbrella Company UK, and the Referee chooses to use the limited company services of Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd (a sister company), the Reward is a £120 Love to Shop voucher, payable after 3 months’ paid accountancy fees. (please see alternative T’s and C’s).
6. Should the Referrer or Referee owe outstanding monies to Umbrella Company UK or cease to be a client before the period of Eligibility has been fulfilled, the Reward is void.

7. If a Referrer recommends multiple Referees, the Reward will be provided upon each Qualifying Referee.
8. The Referrer is eligible for a Reward only when the Referee becomes a Qualifying Referee.
9. If someone has been referred by multiple Referrers, the Referrer who first provided Umbrella Company UK with contact details will be rewarded.
10. If a Referee has been recommended by both a Referrer and a Recruitment Consultant, the Referee will have been classed as being referred by the Recruitment Consultant. Recruitment Consultants are not eligible for Rewards in this Referral Scheme.
11. A Referrer is not eligible to receive a Reward if they have already taken advantage of a promotion.
12. A Referee must be a first-time Referral to Umbrella Company UK.
13. Umbrella Company UK has the sole discretion at all times to determine if the Referrer qualifies for the Reward subject to these Terms and Conditions. The decision of Umbrella Company UK cannot be challenged.
14. Subject to clause 4, a Referrer is eligible for a Reward for a referral made on or after the 1st of November 2019.

Reward Process
15. Once the Referee qualifies, Umbrella Company UK shall reward the eligible parties.
16. The Referrer will not, at this stage, necessarily be notified by Umbrella Company UK of the change to their Direct Debit payments or dispatch of the Reward.
17. Umbrella Company UK alone will be responsible for the administration of the Rewards as it deems fit in compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

18. The personal data submitted will be treated in confidentiality by Umbrella Company UK in accordance with our Privacy Policy and GDPR for the purpose of this Referral Promotion.
19. This promotion is effective from the 1st of November 2019 and Umbrella Company UK reserves the right to terminate or alter the promotion at any time.

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