Umbrella Payroll Services for Drivers

The service provided by Umbrella Company UK: Drivers is not entirely different than the traditional umbrella company payroll service. You still get the same payroll service – including quick set up, same-day faster payments, and statutory holiday and sick pay. However, with our Drivers umbrella payroll service, you will also be covered by the correct insurance as is required for HGV drivers in the UK.

Our umbrella company service allows you to take the focus off of how you are getting paid, and allow you to concentrate on driving. When you set up with Umbrella Company UK, you become our employee for tax and NI purposes, which means we are authorised to receive your wages from your agency and make the required income tax and National Insurance deductions on your behalf. We send this straight to HMRC, and after we make the deductions we will send the funds to you. We will never deduct anything from your pay that is not required by law – and we strictly avoid any schemes that would land you in trouble with HMRC.

Using an umbrella company is very straightforward, and considered to be the easiest way to be a contractor. No paperwork or annual accounts to complete, no tax returns to be filed, and no need to understand complex tax rules. You simply complete your timesheets as required, send them to us and your agency, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Drivers Negligence Insurance For Your Peace of Mind

Operating a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) can subject you to  conditions that the average contractor doesn’t have to face, including tough weather and dangerous road conditions, having to deal with other road users, and delivery delays to name a few. Insurance can cover you for liabilities that may arise from claims made by members of the public (public liability), as well as cover the goods inside your vehicle and your personal safety.

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About Umbrella Company UK

Umbrella Company UK provides payroll services to contractors and freelancers in the UK. As a payroll provider with over 20 years’ experience in the contracting industry, we understand the complex needs that contractors have, and how to meet those needs. Our services – which include umbrella PAYE, Joint Employment and umbrella services for drivers – exceed HMRC strict compliance standards. Contact us to find out more.

What Are the Benefits of Umbrella Company UK: Drivers?

Umbrella Company UK: Drivers is an easy, stress-free way to get paid as a HGV driver. With our service you’ll receive:

  • Value – The weekly administration margin to use our service is low, and we’ll make sure we process your payroll quickly and efficiently. Our main goal is to get you paid on time, every time and have all the income tax and NI deductions made correctly.
  • Admin? None! – You don’t have to complete any paperwork besides logging your hours on our mobile app. This will only take a few minutes each week.
  • Flexibility – You have the freedom to join and leave our payroll service whenever you choose – there is no tie-in period or leaving fee. And if you wish to set up your own limited company in the future, we have options to support you.
  • Quick Registration – Signing up to Umbrella Company UK is easy and can be completed in 24 hours – complete registration form to get started.
  • Same-Day Payments – You’ll be paid the same day we receive your funds from your client or agency*.


*Provided we receive the funds from your agency by 14:00.

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