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Umbrella Company UK offers a CIS payroll service alongside traditional PAYE umbrella. Umbrella Company UK’s CIS service is the ideal payroll option for construction workers in the UK.

All construction work in the UK falls under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). Therefore, construction workers in the UK – even those who work through an agency – either need to be registered under the CIS or work through a company that is CIS-registered, such as a payroll provider or their own limited company.

A construction worker can decide to register under the CIS himself as a sole trader, using a CIS payroll service such as the one provided by Umbrella Company UK.Doing so can allow the worker to maintain independent self-employed status while avoiding full 30% deductions to be made to gross pay.

How Does CIS Payroll Work?

To use Umbrella Company UK CIS, you should keep accurate timesheets of the hours you’ve worked. Your client or recruitment agency will pay us your wages and our payroll team will make the income tax and National Insurance deductions as required under the Construction Industry Scheme. We will then pay you into your personal bank account alongside a payslip with all of the deductions listed. All payroll through Umbrella Company UK is processed according to HMRC guidance.

When you get paid through Umbrella Company UK CIS, we will make the 20% tax deductions to your wages on your behalf in-line with CIS regulations. In order to do this we will require your Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number – which you receive when you register to complete self-assessments. If you don’t have a UTR number, 30% tax will be deducted from your pay at source until you are able to provide it. However if this is the case, you’ll likely receive a tax rebate at the end of the year for the extra tax paid.

Our job at Umbrella Company UK is to make sure you get paid on time, every time and not underpay or overpay on tax. However if you do overpay on tax through the CIS, HMRC will repay you through a tax rebate – there is nothing you need to do to make this happen. Our payroll team will let you know about tax refunds you might be due after you complete your self-assessment.

What is ‘CIS Umbrella’?

‘CIS Umbrella’ has little to do with actually working through an umbrella company. If you registered in the Construction Industry Scheme as a sole trader, or wish to maintain your status as self-employed, using Umbrella Company UK’s CIS payroll service is a stress-free, no-hassle option.

Our CIS payroll service ensures that you’re paid on time and that you pay the correct amount of tax and National Insurance deductions so you aren’t stung with a tax bill from HMRC. We process your payroll quickly, even offering same-day Faster Payments for your peace of mind.

Because a CIS payroll service works differently than CIS limited company services, it’s often referred to as ‘CIS Umbrella’. However, you would not actually be registered as the employee of an umbrella company.

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About Umbrella Company UK

Umbrella Company UK provides payroll services to contractors and freelancers in the UK. As a payroll provider with over 20 years’ experience in the contracting industry, we understand the complex needs that contractors have, and how to meet those needs. Our services – which include umbrella PAYE, CIS payroll, Joint Employment and umbrella services for drivers – exceed HMRC strict compliance standards. Contact us to find out more.

What do you get with Umbrella Company UK CIS?

A CIS payroll service such as ours is an easy, stress-free way to get paid in the construction industry. Here’s what you get with Umbrella Company UK CIS:

  • Value – We charge a small weekly margin for processing your payroll and tax payments, which we will do quickly, efficiently and most importantly – correctly.
  • Tax Rebate – If you’re due a tax rebate because of overpayments, we’ll let you know after your self-assessment is completed.
  • Admin? None! – Our CIS payroll service allows you to focus on your work while we complete the admin. All you have to do is log your hours worked and keep track of expenses you’ve claimed (digitally or on paper).
  • Flexibility – You can join and leave us whenever you choose; there’s no tie-in period or fee to leave or switch. Plus if you ever want to try running your own CIS-registered limited company, we can offer this option for you.
  • Fast Registration – Registering to Umbrella Company UK CIS is easy and can be completed in under 24 hours. Complete our brief registration form to get started.
  • Same Day Payments – You’ll be paid the same day we receive your funds from your client or agency*.

*Provided we receive your pay by 14:00.

Do I Get A Tax Rebate?

Our job as payroll experts is to ensure you get paid on time, and do not underpay or overpay on tax. However under the CIS, overpayments can still happen. If you do end up overpaying on tax over the course of the tax year, you could receive a rebate from HMRC. You’ll also be able to claim for some expenses through a tax rebate as long you’ve recorded them on your self-assessment. Please keep copies of your expenses receipts in case HMRC try to verify your claims.

If you’re eligible for a rebate, HMRC will pay this out to you – there’s nothing you need to do to arrange this.

How Do I Claim Expenses?

If you’re able to claim expenses via the CIS, keep your receipts either on paper or online and claim the expense for tax relief when you complete and file your self-assessment following the end of the tax return on 5th April. Keep copies of the receipts for six years in case HMC ask to see them.

Umbrella Company UK can complete your self-assessment for you. Contact us for more details.

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