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Fantastic Value Umbrella Company

Today is your lucky day. Not only have you found an umbrella company discount code, but you’ve also found an innovative and industry-leading umbrella company too!

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Our leading PAYE umbrella payroll service for only £15.00 per week:


Welcome to Umbrella Company UK

Umbrella Company UK is not like any other umbrella company. We offer the same service (PAYE payroll), but we have added a modern twist by introducing a state-of-the-art mobile app (powered by My Digital). The app will allow you to save time when submitting your hours and viewing payslips – all while on the go.

The app is available to download now on the Apple App Store and Google Play. As soon as you complete the registration process, you’ll be sent your login information.

Why join us?

There are loads of reasons you should join Umbrella Company UK, and we’ve summarised the main ones below.

  • We have a unique umbrella company discount code – Not many umbrella companies can boast about that! You’ve found us via a popular search engine and we want to say thank you. There really is no catch!
  • Compliance – We’re FCSA accredited, meaning you can be sure we operate compliantly with HMRC rules and regulations. Total peace of mind is guaranteed!
  • State-of-the-art-app – The Umbrella Company UK has partnered with My Digital – providers of leading umbrella software. All of our clients will have access to My Digital, which can be accessed via any web browser – or by downloading the free mobile app. The app allows you to submit the hours you’ve worked and view payslips in seconds. Using an umbrella company has never been so easy!
  • Same Day Faster Payments – So you will be paid on the same day we receive funds from your agency/client.
  • No hidden costs – There are no joining fees, no leaving fees and no hidden costs throughout your time with us.
  • Free Insurance – £25 million insurance cover is included as standard.

Register with Umbrella Company UK today!

Registering with Umbrella Company UK is easier than you might think. All you need to do is contact us using the form on this page, or give our friendly team a call on 01707 669023. Once you have let us know you want to join, we’ll talk you through the rest. And don’t worry, we can have you set up and ready to be paid in only 10 minutes!

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